Learning To Breathe

by Cyborg Octopus

  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The genre-bending debut album from Bay Area Prog-Maniacs Cyborg Octopus

    CD comes in a Jewel Case, with an 8-page booklet including additional artwork corresponding with each track. Includes an instant digital download of "Learning To Breathe," as well as 2 unreleased live recordings when the album is released.

    Purchase the physical CD and receive 2 digital bonus tracks when the album is released:

    Bonus Track 1: Baptism Of Clay (Live - Sharkbite Studio Sessions)
    Bonus Track 2: Epiphany (Live - Sharkbite Studio Sessions)

    Both tracks recorded by Zack Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA on October 9th, 2016

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    Includes 2 live bonus tracks recorded by Zach Ohren at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA on 10.9.16

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released November 25, 2016

Cyborg Octopus

Ian Forsythe: Vocals
David Wu: Guitar
Bobby Carroll: Guitar
George Lallian: Bass Guitar
Patrick Corona: Keytar, Saxophone, and Vocals
Josh Mathis: Drums

“Learning To Breathe”

Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Nick Loiacono
Pre-Production at Sunset Studios
Drums Tracked by Jared Klein
Jonathan Neel appears courtesy of Amputated Vein Records
Thomas Vasquez appears courtesy of Unique Leader records
Violin by John Wu

We Would Like To Thank

The Corona, Forsythe, Morgan/Wu, Carroll, Lallian, and Sullivan
families; Tom Logan, Tom Poppa, and Conrad Jayne; Brian Shields (RIP);
Jose Hackbarth; Don Diesel; Chris Hausa; Skyler Williams; Lizzie Karr;
Arbie Melvin; Amy Espinas; Eckhart Tolle; Kong Pham; Daniel Cordova;
Austin Weber and Vince Neilstein.


Raiju, Flub, Casket of Cassandra, Midnight Management, Wrvth,
Anisoptera, Eyes of Mara, Obastra, Fallujah, Valensorow, Gather
Booking/Management, Neighborkid Productions, Sojourner Booking, Liquid Duane-O Metal Productions, Metal Injection, and MetalSucks.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Data_M1nefield
Supply the model-view-controller with your information
Algorithms have predicted your every move through calculation
You are encouraged to constantly engage your social network
Cultivate an industry’s growing net worth

As you become sedated by liquid crystal displays
Eyes glazed over and mouth ajar
Your thoughts are tracked
Think about the time you spent on giving it all away

This world exists in a data minefield
One step closer to the bottom of this slippery slope

We have eyes everywhere
As we follow your every move and listen as you willingly whisper into our ear
Fingertips divulge more than your conscious lips ever would

An exposed population
We know you more than you know yourself
A population of unsuspecting statistics

Construct the centralized database
A hand that knows no privacy
Construct the centralized database
Overriding human dignity
Track Name: Divine Right (In D Minor)
For our creator we will fight for what is rightfully ours
Defending our home and our way from these treasonous heretics
Oh virtuous leader please grant us victory!
Virtuous leader please! Victory! Victory!
Divine leader save us from thee

Thirty years of war

Twelve beautiful nations buried
A sovereign state begins
The peasant’s screams forgotten
Lords of splendor drenched in sin

The court smiles as their fanciful tendencies are unaffected by what rages far away

Divine right of the monarch hinges upon our survival
Continuing the traditions of our ancestors

Mercenaries drain our homeland, our way of life
Merging factions spell out our demise
A prophecy not foretold but made, by the powers of man in the wake of a glorious revolution
Track Name: Shark Pit
Deny the bands that work and try
Divide the music scene
Just take their cash; it’s mine

Oh fuck, our secrets out!
You know we don't give a shit about any of your goddamn local scenes, but make sure to check our Facebook out!

Stand in the rear with your head up your ass
The views not great but you'll still make cash
Let’s bounce then complain
Fuck the band that’s playing last

My band is better! We are the “with” and you're without!
But since we're true to roots we'll shout...

“I fight for my friends! He fights for his friends! She fights for her friends.
We fight for our friends!”

Tiny hearts and thumbs up fucks! Screw this song; it’s all about looks!

Divide the music scene
Deny the bands and fuck the fans

“True to roots!”
Track Name: Baptism Of Clay (Feat. Jonathan Neel of Parasitic Ejaculation)
The essence of fear present in these creatures
On unhallowed grounds they stand, the faceless
Abnormalities devoid of life
Slaves to a turbulent master

Buried under new forced existence
Venturing on terror’s wings
Faceless abnormalities devoid of life

The truly fortunate ones know not of their existence
Those who are fortunate are pleasantly unaware
The fortunate ones know not of my remains
An altar of clay, and my cross to bear

Disgusted by their movements
Shadows dance along cracked skin
Clinging to a malevolent flame

Clay creatures scream sounds of torment
Lives lost engorged, by inanimate material

This endless expanse shadows upon an ever-present barrier
Unrecognizable isolation lies beyond his horrid domain

Another one has been chosen
Another subservient sacrifice to satisfy the sculptor
Unable to retreat, unwilling to surrender
Scattered minions know my fate

In his design, to be molded by the maker
I am losing myself and my individuality
Becoming one in this world, sown with hate

Baptism of clay

Buried under new existence
This world’s twisted master has chosen a sacrifice of subservience
Track Name: bitter. (Feat. TJ Vasquez of WRVTH)
All those I know come from broken homes
Old houses of memories shattered by sticks and stones

I've given myself out over and over again
I fear I'm nearing the point where I can no longer feel the warmth within

How the fuck am I supposed to believe and feel after she walked away and told me that her love was never real?
I remember as those salty stinging tears fell from my eyes, she looked into my soul and she told me she never even tried.

I've fucked and felt nothing and have laughed at who I once was

I've torn out pages and scribbled out the ink
Cracked the skull of the old me upon the kitchen sink
Strangled the old me and dragged him away
I feasted on his heart, dug my nails into his face.

If our souls should intertwine
Become one and combine
Fatigue and fall apart
Why even start?

My palpitator ceases beating
Now fill the void with ash
Avoid the pain of repeating the past

At last I smile. The truth has set me free.
This house has burned to the ground and buried the old me.
I spit on the grave of where this fool lays; what’s left over is just bitter.
So fucking bitter.

Bitter and gray.

The old me is dead.
This is a rotting wound that will never heal.
Track Name: DiscoBrain!
You are about to experience the Disco Brain!

So pop a sugar cube and strap yourself in
It’s time we get these walls to commence shape shiftin’!
Take note of the colors! Do you notice anything odd?
Do you get the sensation of the ripples reverberating through that bod?

Why am I laughing? What did you say?!
Most of all I have a phrase for you; I sincerely hope you can relate
Disco Brain! Where there’s black and there’s white and no gray
Am I awake?

Disco Brain! You feel your skull begin to ache
Don’t know if I like this anymore…
I see demons coming at me with their bloodshot eyes!

This room is a dance-floor, and as far as the eye can see
The colors of the teapot pulsate as it glows in 3D.

Groove to the rhythm of my heart and set me free
The water moves to the music as the light-waves tickle me

Disco brain! You feel enlightened by the haze
The flower blooms within
I understand everything

The petals wilting…
The grass is dying…
What the hell is wrong with me? Disco Brain!
I’m coming down…
It all comes crashing down..
I surrender to the Disco Brain!
Track Name: Epiphany
My stirring soul shocks awake with the deafening echoes of violent sounds all around me
How did I arrive in this mystical place?
Foreshadowing my failure with succinct contempt for the neutral
Brainwaves secreting, subtly shaping surroundings

A silver line reverberates across humanity
Why do we celebrate this sadness? It’s insanity?
We’re lost amongst the stars waiting for our existence to end
Our worthlessness: a souvenir for our mortality

Now you’ll see what I’ve seen

Rising to renewed feet; a fresh release
A decade of tears fall silently beneath
Heading forth, the road to realization
Decide your worth through trials and trepidation

Rebuilt structures stand on old ground of a lost forgotten kingdom
An apathetic emperor lost to the whispers of men
The atlas moth prepared to take on his final transformation without a voice Content, happy to even begin

So say goodbye to what you’ve known
This world was not your home
This maiden voyage long delayed by a cluttered soul
A distant light’s reflection come forth from planes unseen
Embrace forgiveness. Accept your newfound dreams.

Nothing motivates the flesh that’s lost its purpose
(Don’t look back. it’s not the end. Break this cycle. Start again. Find your purpose.)

The end of the world is as close as you can see

Break this cycle start again.